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released May 20, 2017

All songs written and produced by Cade Ratcliff.



all rights reserved


KAH'DAI RA Charlotte, North Carolina

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Track Name: Border of Nothing
Tired as hell, but I'm laying here awake
The few months, I've been all over the place

And I don't let go
it makes for a good show
If I go can I know?
Was I just on the border of nothing?

But late nights making me feel like I was something babe?
A short ride, more like a side-sight, caught up in my own game.
Nothing here seems right, no matter what I try, it's just too late.
Cause now I'm here at the border of nothing

I almost fell right off of the face
Of the Earth that I was building in my own brain

Well, I shiver and I shake
My stomach feels like it's gonna break
It's been one long mistake
That brought me here to the border of nothing

But late nights making me feel like I'm digging my own grave
Red-eyed, buried in a high tide, drowning but I'm to blame
Looking for a sad sight or a last goodbye? Then stare at my face.
And find me here at the Border of Nothing.
Track Name: Anatomy
With my windows rolled down I listen
To the low whistle I hear on the bridge over 150

I'm gonna miss the summer I had on my ceiling
Talking about the difference between gender and anatomy

I know I'm selfish though
to think of leaving you behind
I can't cope with the feeling though
That maybe, there's not that much to life

I've wondered what it would be like lifting off the brakes
and roll into some stranger's car from behind

Sometimes I look both ways on Pecan St.
Wondering if I should step into the cars passing by.